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Clinical quality registries (CQRs) systematically monitor the quality of health care within specific clinical domains by routinely collecting, analysing and reporting health-related information. The information is used to establish benchmarks, identify significant areas of clinical variation, and inform improvements in the quality of health care.
Nationally and internationally, CQRs are highly valued for their contribution, however some face challenges relating to data collection methods, data governance arrangements and the development and maintenance of dedicated information systems. As a result, they may have difficulty providing information with the detail and frequency required to drive safety and quality improvements.
The Framework for Australian clinical quality registries, Second Edition (the Framework 2nd edition) provides national best practice principles and detailed guidance for establishing and operating Australian national CQRs.
The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (the Commission) is undertaking national public consultations to collect stakeholder feedback on the draft Framework 2nd edition and associated documents. This survey is part of that consultation.
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