Make A Wish International would very much appreciate your participation in this special program.

Here's how it works- answer the three questions below today and then from time to time you will be invited to share your opinions in industry sponsored surveys and interviews regarding topics relevant to your area of expertise and experience.

There are several good reasons to participate:

1. Every time you participate in this program the sponsors will make a donation to Make-A-Wish® International to support World Wish Day® 2018.

2.  Your perspectives will influence decisions on products, services and programs you use.

3. We offer a points based thank you rewards system where you will receive $50 USD (via Amazon gift card prepaid Visa card or Paypal) after you have participated in four short online surveys relevant to your area of expertise.

4. You will get early access to view new job/project opportunities on the Pivotal Positions™ job post portal

We will respect your privacy


* Check any of the following descriptions that apply to you so we can tailor perspectives invitations to align with your areas of expertise

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