* 1. Where is your organization headquartered?

* 2. What is your role in the organization?

* 3. How many employees are there in your organization?

* 4. How prepared is your organization in being GDPR-compliant?

* 5. The GDPR brings business value, because it’s a way for the organization to showcase our privacy program.

* 6. Will your organization be appointing a data protection officer, per the GDPR?

* 7. Is a culture shift/business transformation part of the GDPR compliance program in your organization?

* 8. Are you taking a top-down or bottom-up approach to GDPR compliance?

* 9. What aspect of the GDPR are you focusing on first?

* 10. Which team/department is leading the GDPR initiative in your company:

* 11. How certain are you that your organization already is in compliance with the Privacy Shield Principles?

* 12. We have decided to self-certify under the Safe Harbor.

* 13. In place of the Safe Harbor, my organization prefers to use…

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