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This is a survey about the communityUK experience.  There are only four questions, and we're really grateful to you for taking the time out to complete this survey.  

Every month, we hold a prize draw of a £50 voucher for those who take part.  Leave your email at the end, and we'll enter you.  We promise not to use your email to contact you about anything else.

Now let's get started..

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* 1. Thinking about the communityUK consultation platform, how do you rate the overall experience?

Question Title

* 2. Here's a few great aspects about the communityUK experience.  Do you agree?

  Yes, I agree Don't know No, I don't agree
It's really easy to take part
My and other questions were put properly to the panel
It was good the 0800 phone line was available
It was easy to make a video question for the panel
After the event, the recordings were easy to watch, with the questions timestamped
It was helpful receiving emails to remind me about taking part
I could take part on my phone, laptop or internet-connected TV
The events were put on at a good time
The on-screen name labels and questions were helpful and clear

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* 3. Thinking about the communityUK platform and experience, what could be done better?

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* 4. Do you prefer this communityUK experience or one where you have to travel to a community hall to look at some exhibition boards?

communityUK experience Either community hall to look at boards
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

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* 5. To enter the prize draw, please leave your email here.

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