* 1. Presenter Information

* 2. Brief description of the proposed program to appear in newsletter and marketing materials.

* 3. Please provide details about your experiences, background, and qualifications related to your proposed program. Please explain how your program will further the educational mission of the Library by meeting the needs and interests of the general public.

* 4. Please select one preferred location

* 5. How many people can your program accommodate, if limited.

* 6. Is there a cost for your program? (Programs requiring funds will need to be approved on a more stringent basis with consideration to the Library's budget.)

I certify that the information I have provided in this proposal is complete and true, to the best of my knowledge. I accept sole responsibility for the planning, content, and presentation of my Community Program. I agree to plan and present my program in accordance with the Library Policy on Public Programming and the Library Policy on Meeting Room Use, both of which I have read (see request page).

I understand the Library is under no obligation to accept any proposals for Community Programming, and reserves the right to cancel programs at any time for any reason.

In the event that this proposal is approved, I acknowledge that the Library may use or retain any of the information I have provided on this form, including contact information, for purposes of publicizing Community Programming or notifying the public of Community Programs and their presenters.

I further acknowledge that the Library does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints of Community Programs or their presenters, and the publication of information about Community Programming does not constitute, represent, or imply Library sponsorship.

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