1. Welcome to this web-based scientific study concerning the ongoing COVID-19 crisis

Thank you for participating in this study on the COVID-19 crisis to advance research to help manage the current situation as well as future crises.
The global crisis arising from the spread of the 2020 COVID-19 coronavirus is unparalleled on a global scale; its social, medical, and/or economic fallout is impacting an unprecedented number of people.

In this unique context, the Human Adaptation Institute, in collaboration with researchers from several laboratories and universities - Cermes3, ICM, LIP PC2S-Université Savoie Mont Blanc, Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas (Largepa)-, is launching a national and international scientific study that aims to understand the social, mental health (psychological, psychiatrical, cognitive) and crisis management impacts of the crisis, as well as the short and long term adaptations it will generate.

The goals are:

=> On one hand, to identify the immediate, short-term social impacts of this evolving situation, in order to help make informed decisions and better assess social risks (psychological, psychiatrical, cognitive) along the way.

=> On the other hand, to understand the adaptation mechanisms that will be implemented, both individually and collectively. This will make it possible to further develop these tools in the event of new crises and to undergo the paradigm shifts necessary to reduce the probability of such crises happening in the future. 

This 70 question (6 pages) questionnaire should take you about 30 minutes. You must complete it in one go. Several persons in the same household may fill out the questionnaire one after the other.

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* 1. We would also like to conduct follow-up over several weeks. Therefore, if you agree to participate in this longer-term study project to try to understand developments both during and after this crisis, that would be of great interest to us.

If that sounds good to you, please enter your e-mail in the box below. On an approximately weekly basis, we will send you additional questions for the next phases of the project (which will be shorter), without any obligation on your part to answer them.

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* Human Adaptation Institute (HAI) is a research and action group specializing in the study of human capacity to adapt to situations of change and crisis. It is intended to promote understanding of the mechanisms that allow for better individual and collective management of these situations, and of the paradigm shifts necessary to avoid their occurrence. HAI only studies real-life situations with humans as subjects. It's an Endowment Fund (HAIS) financed by both private and public actors (with a minority of public research grants). Our research benefits from major support from the French Ministry of Research, Innovation, and Higher Education.
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