Energy Efficient Housing Program Refund Application

As a Sagen-insured mortgage holder purchasing an energy-efficient home or renovating to improve energy efficiency, you are eligible to receive a partial premium refund of up to 25%.

How to Get Your Refund

To qualify for a premium refund, you must meet the eligibility requirements below:
  • Sagen must receive all mortgage insurance premiums and fees prior to issuing the partial premium refund.
  • Homes must meet all minimum energy efficient program requirements based on your date of application for mortgage insurance.
  • The date of the premium refund application cannot be greater than 24 months from the closing date of the mortgage.
  • All supporting energy efficient documentation cannot be greater than 5 years old.
Documentation Requirements To Accompany Application Form

Purchasing a new or existing home:
  • Documentation certifying your home was built under a Sagen qualifying energy efficient building program OR
  • Provide a copy of the first page of your EnerGuide performance evaluation report displaying the rating of the home.
For high-rise condominiums units:

  • A copy of the building's LEED Certificate OR
  • Documentation signed by NRCan, the project engineer or builder that the entire condo building is greater than or equal to the minimum program requirements.

Renovating an existing home (Purchase Plus Improvements):
  • A copy of the first page pre-improvement and first page post-improvement EnerGuide performance evaluation report prepared by an NRCan qualified energy advisor.

If the above criteria are met, Sagen will provide a partial premium refund of an amount determined by the energy efficient requirements at the time of application for mortgage insurance.

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