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1. Study background

In this survey, we are interested in your attitudes regarding eHUBS.

eHUBS are on-street locations in your neighbourhood, or at bus or train stations, that offer citizens access to a range of publicly shared vehicles including electric bikes, electric cargobikes, electric scooters or electric cars (see Figure 1 for an example).

Here, we would like to know about your experience (or lack of experience) with shared vehicles in general, how likely it is that you would use shared vehicles from an eHUB in the future, and for what trip purposes you might use a shared vehicle. In addition, you will be asked to provide us with some basic information about yourself and some details about your general travel behaviour before the corona crisis.

Study participation

In total, the survey should take about 15 minutes to complete. Once you have reached the end of the survey, you are welcome to sign up for future research related to the eHUBS project (optional), by providing a valid email address. If you have any concerns or queries while completing the survey, please email innovation@tfgm.com.

Question Title

Figure 1. Shared electric mobility modes

Figure 1. Shared electric mobility modes