Public Comments on Draft 2 of the English Language Arts Standards

In 2015, NCDPI requested standard-by-standard feedback on the NC English Language Arts Standard Course of Study. The Data Review Committee reviewed the data and made recommendations to the writers who revised the standards accordingly. Draft 2 represents these revisions as well as the LEA requests from their review of Draft 1. The survey below is in regard to Draft 2 of the English Language Arts Standards found HERE. As you complete the survey keep in mind that standards are END-of-grade expectations for students. When determining age appropriateness, ask yourself: "Does this standard reflect a skill a student could master by the end of grade ____?"

* 1. I live or work in North Carolina

* 2. Please select your role (check all that apply)

* 3. Please select one


* 4. Does the above new format for standards help you understand the standards' expectations for students?

* 5. Definition of Career and College Readiness: In North Carolina, students are considered career and college ready when they have the knowledge and academic preparation needed to enroll and succeed, without the need for remediation, in introductory college credit-bearing courses in English language arts and mathematics within an associate or baccalaureate degree program. These same attributes and levels of achievement are needed for entry into and success in post-secondary workforce education, the military, or directly into a job that offers gainful employment and career advancement.

Do these standards represent what students should know and be able to do to be college and career ready?

* 6. Is there an obvious and clear progression of skills beginning in Kindergarten through grade 12?

* 7. Are the standards appropriate for students to meet by the end of the grade for which they are assigned?

* 8. A parent guide to the standards will be created once the standards are approved. What other resources would be helpful in understanding what students need to know and be able to do?

Thank you for completing the survey! We appreciate your input!