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On behalf of Sonoma County Tourism, thank you for participating in the Community Sentiment Survey. As part of our destination stewardship efforts, it’s time to think longer-term and consider the decisions that need to be made today that will preserve our healthy visitor economy for years to come. To facilitate this planning process, Sonoma County Tourism has retained Coraggio Group, a tourism-focused consulting firm based in Portland, OR. We appreciate both your time and your valuable insights that are critical for informing our destination master planning process.
Please keep in mind:
  • All responses are confidential.
  • The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.
  • The survey must be completed in one session. If you exit the survey or leave the survey window open for an extended period, your partial response will be submitted, and you will be unable to retake the survey.
  • Once you press "Done", your input will be sent directly to Coraggio. We will use this information to generate a report that will be shared with Sonoma County Tourism.
Please submit your candid and confidential responses on or before September 16th, 2022. Please provide your contact information at the end of the survey—one respondent will be randomly selected to win a $500 gift card to Oliver’s!
If you have any questions about this survey or the process in general, please contact Yahya Haqiqi at yahya@coraggiogroup.com.

Thank you once again for your participation and your efforts to make Sonoma County a destination of choice. 
~ Coraggio Group