Research. Captured.

The competition is comprised of three categories and one prize will be given to each of the following categories:

    1. Biological Images (cells/tissues)
    2. Biomedical Images (entire organisms, organs)
    3. Biological and biomedical videos

Each participant may submit maximum up to three images/videos per category. Please fill a form for each entry. You can upload all images through the same link.
The image/video file must be named as: category(bio/med/vid)_lastname_firstname. If submitting more that one image/category, please add a running number to the end. (For example bio_smith_john_1.tiff).

Each image/video must be accompanied by the following information, in plain English:

- Name of image or video owner
- Title of image or video (maximum 40 characters including spaces)
- Description of the image or video, including any pseudo modifications made (maximum 100 words)
- Name of Laboratory/Facility and Host Institution from where the image or video was captured
- The name and model of the instrument which with the image/video was captured

Image specifications:

- Files must be in TIFF, PSD or PDF format in RGB color mode.
- The image should be acquired and submitted in the highest possible quality.
- The image resolution should be minimum 300 dpi.

Video specifications:

- Files must be in mp4 or mov format, and of best possible quality
- Movie length should not be more than 30 seconds
- The use of sound is not necessary
- It is not permitted to add graphics of any kind

Images or videos NOT following the guidelines are not considered eligible for the competition.

By submitting your images/videos you agree to the Rules of the competition. Read the competition rules here.

More information, please contact Joanna Pylvänäinen:

* 1. Personal information

* 2. Category

* 3. Image Information

* 4. Small print