The topic of abandoned, lost, and discarded fishing gear (ALDFG) has been newsworthy in recent times. The Fishing Gear Coalition of Atlantic Canada (FGCAC) - a non-profit and non-governmental organization, is interested in learning about the issues and opportunities related to the management of end-of-life fishing gear (gear that is no longer useable in the fishery). Specifically, the focus is on all rope and lobster traps that have reached the end of their productive life cycle for fishers and need to be dealt with.  

The FGCAC is working with Third Sector Enhancement Ltd to conduct this survey, and other engagement activities, to help them understand your perspective on how to collect, gather, store, reuse, dispose of and/or recycle these materials in a way that is efficient, effective, and financially viable/acceptable.

This survey is the beginning of a consultation process to identify mutually acceptable and/or beneficial solutions.

Research has shown that there are multiple layers of interested players and we are attempting to gather the thoughts of everyone who may have a vested interest in this topic. Your participation will enable us to move forward with a more comprehensive consultative process leading to a mutually acceptable/rewarding process.

The survey will take approximately 6-8 minutes to complete. Responses will not be shared or used beyond this purpose. For questions regarding this survey, please contact Chantal Pelham-Edwards at (902) 877-7683. 

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