The AmerisourceBergen Foundation thanks you for your interest and commitment to combating the epidemic of opioid abuse and misuse.

OVERVIEW:  This program provides organizations with access to drug deactivation pouch or packet resources that enable community members to dispose of unused or expired prescription drugs in a safe and effective manner. The deactivation resources allow for local, on-site disposal and can be distributed to other organizations, individuals or households. More information about the program can be found here.

Examples of the drug deactivation resources that this program provides, includes, but is not limited to, products such as those manufactured by DisposeRx and Deterra Drug Deactivation System

ELIGIBILITY: Applications will be accepted until July 31, 2018. Previous, current or prospective customers of AmerisourceBergen Corporation (or any of its companies) are not eligible to receive resources, due to the bylaws of AmerisourceBergen Foundation. The only possible exception is a collaborative partnership with a nonprofit or municipal outreach project that has a demonstrated public benefit, as these resources are not intended for customers’ patient populations.

DISTRIBUTION:  Drug deactivation resources will be distributed utilizing AmerisourceBergen Corporation's network of U.S. distribution centers. Logistics will be determined based on the location of the organization requesting the resources, as well as the requested quantity. Once received from the AmerisourceBergen Foundation, organizations will have the discretion to determine how to distribute the resources to achieve the most efficient and effective application. In addition, recipient organizations are encouraged to work with other partner organizations to determine the distribution process, based on local community needs.

HOW TO APPLY:  If your municipality or nonprofit organization is interested in receiving drug deactivation pouch or packet resources, please fill out the application below. The AmerisourceBergen Foundation will respond within 10 business days. While our goal is to distribute the resources, factors may prohibit us from granting all requests. Questions on the application can be sent via email to

1. Organization Information

2. Category of Organization

3. Primary Contact Information

4. Shipping Information (if approved, where resources would be sent to, if different than the Organization Information above)

5. A. State the mission of your organization, and B. Summarize how it aligns with the work being done to combat the opioid crisis.

6. Has your organization/municipality already been involved in work to combat the opioid crisis, either internally, as services to others, or in partnership with other organizations?

7. Please detail how you plan to utilize and/or distribute the drug deactivation resources in your community. Please be as specific as possible.

8. Total amount of drug deactivation resources requested (Note: resources provide safe, on-site disposal and can distributed to individuals or households)

9. Projected duration of utilization/distribution of drug deactivation resources (how long you think they will last):

10. Given geographical considerations, might there be an opportunity for AmerisourceBergen associates to participate in or volunteer at an event?

11. What is your role in this request?

12. Select all that apply. Your organization:

13. We would like to raise awareness about the availability of these resources. (Select all that apply) Can you assist in this effort by:

14. Please provide any comments or questions, about the products or the program, that were not addressed in the information and links provided in the introduction above?

Please complete one last step to finalize your application, by returning a signed Donation Agreement form. Instructions:
1. Click on this link to a Donation Agreement form (or copy and paste this URL into your browser).
2. The link will take you to a new window, which has a document linked to it. Select "Download" to save the form to your computer.
3. Print, complete and sign the form.
4. Scan the signed form into your computer and save it as a file.
5. Return back to this application tool/link and scroll to this last question.
6. See the section, and click on, "Choose File." Select the signed form from the files/documents on your computer, to Upload the Donation Agreement form document.
7. Once uploaded, select the "Submit" button at the bottom of this application page, to complete your application.

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