The AmerisourceBergen Foundation thanks you for your interest and commitment to combating the epidemic of opioid misuse.
PROGRAM OVERVIEW:  This program provides organizations with access to drug deactivation pouch or packet resources that enable community members to dispose of unused or expired prescription drugs in a safe and effective manner. The deactivation resources allow for local, on-site disposal and can be distributed to other organizations, individuals or households. 
Examples of the drug deactivation resources that this program provides, includes, but is not limited to, products such as those manufactured by DisposeRx and Deterra Drug Deactivation System. 
HOW TO APPLY:  If your municipality or nonprofit organization is interested in receiving drug deactivation pouch or packet resources, please fill out the application directly at

If you require further instruction please follow the steps below. Please note specific instructions for municipalities, as well as nonprofit organizations.

The AmerisourceBergen Foundation will respond within 20 business days. While our goal is to distribute the resources, factors may prohibit us from granting all requests. Questions on the application can be sent via email to

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* 1. STEP 1:

Sign in if you already have an account with YourCause.

If you don’t have an account with YourCause, sign up by filling out an applicant registration form.

NOTE: You do NOT need to attach your organization here. You’ll have the opportunity to add it after you complete registration and log in.

Next, you will receive a Registration Confirmation email from Click on “Get Started” and log in. (NOTE: If you don’t receive the email within a few minutes, check your Junk/Spam folders).

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* 2. STEP 2:

After you’re logged in, select your organization.

STEP 2A: For Nonprofits

Search for your organization name or registration ID and then click select.

STEP 2B: For Municipalities/Government Organizations

For municipalities/government organizations: click on “Need help?”.

Then click on “Can’t find your organization?”.

Then click on “Can’t find your organization? Add it here”.

Enter your organization information. You may select “Nonprofit” from the “Nonprofit type” dropdown.

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* 3. STEP 3:

Complete the application.

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* 4. To apply for resources, go to