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Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey--which is part of the Joint Research Project on Theological Education in World Christianity, 2011-2013. The project is designed to gather data and perspectives on all forms of theological education from every Christian tradition in every part of the world. Your input is very important for the project as a whole!
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Throughout the survey the term "theological education" is used to refer to all forms of education and formation for ministry (both ordained and lay) and to the preparation for research and teaching in theology and religion. As the survey is intended for all parts of the world and every Christian tradition, you may find that the terms used are not an exact fit for your specific situation. Please feel free to use the "other" boxes which are attached to most questions to explain your situation, observation, or recommendation. Please also feel free to select the choices that are closest to your situation, even when they do not represent it exactly. The term "region" is used throughout in its broad sense; please understand "your region" to mean the area or context with which are are most familiar.


There are three parts to the survey: the first is for everyone concerned with any/every aspect of theological education, the second is for those giving information on institutions of theological education, and the third is for those giving information on associations of theological schools. As you begin, you will be asked at question 4 which part(s) you would like to answer; at that point you will also find a simple explanation about moving between the different parts of the survey.

Please note that your information will be saved one page at a time. If you wish to return to the survey at a later time and want to save what you have completed so far, please click the "Next" button at the bottom of the page; you will then be able to return to the survey and continue or edit the part you completed earlier. If you have questions about the survey process, or would like to arrange for several respondents to use the same computer, please contact The Center for the Study of Global Christianity at csgc@gordonconwell.edu.

As you work through the questions you will see that a few are marked with an *. These require an answer. For all others, please answer as many as you are able. When you finish the survey you will find links to the three supporting institutions and a link to GlobeTheoLib with an invitation to join this new digital theological library without charge. In addition, you will automatically receive a summary of the results of this survey, sent to the email address submitted at the beginning of the survey.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact any of the sponsoring institutions: the Institute for Cross-Cultural Theological Education at McCormick Theological Seminary (Dr. David Esterline, desterline@mccormick.edu); Ecumenical Theological Education, World Council of Churches (Dr. Dietrich Werner, Dietrich.Werner@wcc-coe.org); and the Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Dr. Todd Johnson, tjohnson@gordonconwell.edu). Information about the survey can also be found in the background document.

* 1. Please give your name, position, organization, and email address.

Confidentiality: your personal information as well as your views and opinions will be held in strict confidence. A complete statement on confidentiality in relation to each part of this survey can be found on the last page.

* 3. What is your denomination or tradition? Please select all that apply.

* 4. Are you completing this survey as an individual interested in or responsible for theological education, as a representative of an institution of theological education, or as a representative of an association of schools? Please select one of the following:

The survey contains three sections:
1) The first is designed to gather the observations and recommendations from individuals interested in and/or responsible for theological education.
2) The second is to gather data from institutions of theological education.
3) The third is to gather data from associations of schools.
We invite everyone to complete the first section, and ask those representing institutions and/or associations to complete the second and/or third. Please note that you can complete the sections in any order you wish. You will be asked at the end of each section which section you would like to go to next or, if you have completed the survey, to be directed to the final page. If you would like to complete or revise earlier questions, please use the "Prev" button.
To move to the following pages of the Survey, you must complete at least the * items in Questions 1 and 2 above: Family name, Email address, and Region.