Rate the Importance

The PNC of Hokendauqua Presbyterian Church requests your input into the selection of our next pastor. We also need your thoughts in developing a church profile that reflects our entire membership. We ask that you please take a few minutes to answer the following questions to prepare our PNC for the search of the right candidate for our church. 

* 1. Please rate the importance of the following areas of responsibility for the incoming/new pastor:

  Not Important Neutral Somewhat Important Very Important
Christian Education
Family & Youth Activities
Pastor Care/Counseling
Outreach to Inactive Members
Outreach to Community
Spiritual Growth
Growth in Attendance
Working with Nearby Churches

* 2. Please rate the importance of the character traits you would like in a pastor:

  Not Important Neutral Somewhat Important Very Important
Program Leader
Mature/Emotionally Secure
Acceptable with All People (i.e. LGBT)
Interested in Church Growth
Personable with Others
Honest & Reliable

* 3. My wish for Hokendauqua Presbyterian Church's growth is: (Please rank at least 5 or more. 5 Being Least Important. 1 being Most Important.)

  5 4 3 2 1
Growth in Worshipers
Small Group Ministry
Fellowship Dinners
Variety of Church Services
Mission Trips
Senior Activities
Streaming Services Online
Different Worship Times/Days
Adult Bible Study
Balanced Budget
Youth Activities
Organized Trips

* 4. The area(s) that needs most improvement at Hokendauqua Presbyterian Church is:

* 5. Choose the word you think best describes Hokendauqua Presbyterian Church's current theological position: (Select one)