Welcome and thank you again for your interest in participating in NAMI Homefront Online!

Classes are held on a weekly basis for 6 consecutive weeks, starting on the date shown below. We offer the program in 4 U.S. time zones. Please select the program that best fits your schedule. Classes are taught live by trained NAMI Homefront leaders and are limited to 15 participants.

All participants are screened to ensure this program is appropriate for their needs. The questions below will help us determine if NAMI Homefront Online is right for you. If you are related to more than one Service Member/Veteran, please answer based on the individual whose mental health condition/symptoms concern you most.

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* 6. How did you hear about NAMI Homefront Online?

* 7. In which branch(es) of the United States military have you served, or currently serve? (Check all that apply)

* 8. Do you have a family member or loved one who is a Service Member or Veteran with symptoms of a mental health condition (including PTSD & TBI)?