Welcome to  ATAF Tax Administration Questionnaire on Informal Sectors

Dear Respondent,

The African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF) and African Development Bank (AfDB) are conducting an Africa-wide research project on the: “Efficient Taxation of the Informal Sector in Africa”. We invite you to participate by sharing your observations, opinions and experiences on the taxation of the Informal Sector in Africa by completing this questionnaire. The purpose of this questionnaire is to inform strategies to improve revenue mobilization in the informal sector in African countries. It is aimed at obtaining critical information to inform the project and make the best possible recommendations that will result in improved tax policy, legislation and administration.  We hope this will also lead to improved access by informal sector participants to critical services and technologies within this dynamic sector on the continent. Your perspectives on the magnitude of the informal sector, current efforts and challenges of taxing the informal sector and various potential policy options will provide our researchers with a valuable and comprehensive insight into this important sector of many African economies.

At the end of this project, the findings will inform the development of a Handbook on the Efficient Taxation of the Informal Sector in Africa to guide Tax Administrations and Revenue Authorities in better understanding this sector for an improved and fair revenue mobilisation.

The ATAF Secretariat would like to reassure you that the information you provide will remain confidential and anonymous and will not be shared or used outside of its intended purpose as a key part of the Informal Sector Project.  Data from this research will be stored securely and reported only in an aggregated manner. No one, other than the team involved in this project, will know your answers to this questionnaire. Furthermore, should ATAF wish to attribute any specific findings to your responses, we shall first seek your consent before doing so.

If you agree to participate in this research project, please answer the questions in the questionnaire as thoroughly as you can.

For any questions about this research project, please contact Dr Nara Monkam at nmonkam@ataftax.org copying Michael Masiya at mmasiya@ataftax.org and angom@ataftax.org. You could also contact us at Tel/WhatsApp: + 27 76 833 56 81 or +27 63 380 4034.

ATAF thanks you for your assistance in this seminal project.


Dr. Nara Monkam

Director Research, ATAF

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