Welcome to the 2012 iMore Readers Choice Awards! This is where you get to have your say, and tell us the absolute best devices, news, apps, and accessories you've enjoyed last year. We've provided 5 suggestions for each category, but you're absolutely free to write in any alternative you prefer -- with one proviso: it has to have happened, been released, or been significantly updated during 2012!

Voting will be open for 2 weeks, and when it closes, we'll tally up the totals and present your favorites, the 2012 iMore Readers Choices!

Bonus: Enter your iMore username in the survey and we'll enter you to a win a $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate. That's right, it's a second chance to win the iOS device of your deams!

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* 2. iOS device of the year

* 3. iOS software feature of the year

* 4. Biggest story of the year

* 5. Biggest failure of the year

* 6. iOS social/communications app of the year

* 7. iOS education app of the year

* 8. iOS music/audio app of the year

* 9. iOS photo/video app of the year

* 10. iOS productivity/utility app of the year

* 11. iOS news/Newsstand app of the year

* 12. iOS kids apps of the year

* 13. iOS action game of the year

* 14. iOS puzzle game of the year

* 15. iOS strategy game of the year

* 16. iPhone case of the year

* 17. iPad case of the year

* 18. iOS accessory of the year