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Unable to acquire diagnostic and repair data from a vehicle manufacturer?
Use this AAAA Incident Reporting portal to help us monitor vehicle manufacturers’ data sharing performance.

In December 2014, an historic Heads of Agreement for a voluntary code was signed by the major auto industry stakeholders that committed vehicle manufacturers to the principle that Independent repairers must be able to access, on fair and reasonable terms, all information required for the diagnosis, body repair, servicing, inspection, periodic monitoring, and reinitialising of the vehicle, in line with the service and repair information that manufacturers provide to their authorised dealers and repairers.

This Heads of Agreement on Access to Service and Repair Information was signed by an industry Steering Committee including the AAAA, the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), the Australian Motor Industry Federation (AMIF), the Australian Automotive Dealer Association (AADA) and the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI).

We do not expect that repair information and data will flow immediately; this is going to take some time. The Heads of Agreement says that manufacturers supplying vehicles in Australia must cooperate, or they will be in breach of the Voluntary Code.

We recognise that the vehicle manufacturers may initially have different levels of technology available to enable access to the data. This should improve in the next 12 months. We also suspect that there will remain a small number of car brands that will not willingly share information until there is a mandatory code.

To ensure that we monitor the behaviour of the vehicle manufacturers in a fair and comprehensive manner, we need your help to gather intelligence on what is happening in the marketplace and how this is affecting your customers .

The purpose of this AAAA Incident Reporting portal is to collect information that we can use to monitor the operation of the Heads of Agreement. We will regularly collate your input and share the results with you and the regulators. We will provide feedback on the best and the worst – highlighting real cases of confusion and consumer detriment.

An important point is that this is an information gathering program and not a consumer complaint resolution process. If your customers have a complaint, they should direct this to the ACCC and/or state consumer affairs departments. Links to these departments are provided at the end of the survey.

Please invest a few minutes in this process – we can’t achieve real industry reform until we can prove what is happening in the independent aftermarket across Australia. Your reports about vehicle manufacturer performance in sharing service and repair information will make a difference to customers and fair competition in our industry.