A few questions about your first year in the Barbershop Harmony Society

As you approach your first anniversary, we're curious to see if you feel you've been kept informed about life in the Barbershop Harmony Society. This quick survey should take less than two minutes to complete.

About this Intro to Barbershop series  
You are among the first members to receive this month-by-month email series, and we want to continue to improve the experience for new members.

* 1. Overall, have you enjoyed the information you have received?

* 2. Overall, how useful did you find the information you received?

* 3. What topics did you find most engaging? (Check all you wish.)

* 4. What topics were not covered that you would have wished to learn more about?

Keeping in touch with the Society
Outside this Intro to Barbershop series, tell us how closely you have followed BHS news.

* 5. I read LiveWire ...

* 6. I read The Harmonizer...

* 7. I read BHS content on Facebook

* 8. I read BHS content on the web site

Other things we should know
Your place for general, anonymous feedback. (Note: this survey is anonymous and does not collect contact information, so comments requiring a direct response should be emailed to customerservice@barbershop.org .)

* 9. What other observations would help us do a better job of keeping you in the loop and getting the most from barbershopping?