1. Introduction - What Can This Survey Do for You?

Are You Paying Your Staff Too Much? (Or Not Enough?)

Welcome to Leadership Network’s 2018 Large-Church Salary, Staffing and Budget Survey. We believe it's the gold standard in large-church benchmarks and trends, enabling us to create trusted reports for pastors, boards and church HR leaders since 2001.

Large churches are complex, and once again our unique survey recognizes the nuances and variations of your specific situations -- and this year's version is more tailored than ever. Be sure to see FAQ #4 on the next page for how to most quickly process the survey. 

What YOU will learn from the materials you help us produce:
1. Is your top-tier staff paid the "market" rate for churches your size?
2. What retirement contributions, bonuses and other benefits do churches like yours offer?
3. What ratios and benchmarks are most helpful for churches in your size range?
4. What percent of budget goes to staffing costs in large churches like yours?
5. Which salary, benefits and staffing issues might change as your church increases (or decreases) in size?

Six compelling reasons to participate: 
1. IMMEDIATELY upon survey completion, you'll receive “50 Great Ways Large Churches Save Money” -- free PDF.
2. IMMEDIATELY upon survey completion, you'll receive "Activate the Power of Big Data to Grow Your Church" -- free PDF.
3. In May, for our first release of the findings, you'll receive an invitation for anyone in your church to a video webcast (open only to churches that participated in the survey) including Q&A with the survey director, Warren Bird, Ph.D. -- free.
4. As soon as we create the illustrated executive summary, we will email it directly to you -- free PDF.
5. Finally, if you participate in an optional section at the end of the survey, we'll email you a free copy of our new economic impact report showing the considerable value that U.S. and Canadian churches add to their communities.

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