The following questions concern your experiences throughout your career. It is important that you respond to each of the questions openly and honestly, so that we can learn from real life experiences and gain useful information that can be applied to help others in their professional development in the future. We are not evaluating you or your individual responses, which will be  completely confidential. Please give your response according to the scale below.

Question Title

* 1. Throughout your career, in what proportion have you:

  1 In none of my jobs 2 3 4 In half my jobs 5 6 7 In all of my jobs
Felt pressure to fit in or adapt to the culture
Had role models
Felt like you are an outsider
Not felt comfortable asserting your views because of possible consequences
Felt that you couldn’t make mistakes without threatening your job or your future
Felt like you were held to a higher standard than others
Been excluded from social events and informal interactions with colleagues
Had limited access to informal networks
Had insufficient mentoring (e.g., counseling about career opportunities)
Not had a senior manager who facilitated your career progress
Not gotten access to the right people (or not known the right people)
Not received enough meaningful feedback about your strengths and weaknesses

Question Title

* 2. Throughout your career, in what proportion have you:

  1 In none of my jobs 2 3 4 In half of my jobs 5 6 7 In all of my jobs
Not gotten the right jobs early that you needed for later advancement
Had difficulty getting access to critical developmental assignments (e.g., serving on highly visible task forces or committees) 
Not been considered when promotions for bigger jobs have arisen
Had difficulty getting access to opportunities
Had difficulty getting access to job assignments with bottom line responsibility
Not been offered stretch assignments
Had difficulty getting international assignments
Not been considered for jobs that require relocation
Felt unsure about how to initiate a job change
Not known what the criteria were for advancement
Experienced poor career development and planning processes
*Survey questions adapted from Lyness and Thompson (2000).