Are you a health service provider who has the support to build and sustain a team of volunteer facilitators? We invite you to participate in this interactive training program that will guide you in training your volunteers to facilitate community Advance Care Planning presentations to the general public.

Across the province there is a need for education and awareness on Advance Care Planning for the public. HPCO receives a high volume of requests for presentations to various organizations and at a variety of events. With the intent to ensure that the information and materials shared are compliant within the Ontario framework, HPCO created the Advance Care Planning Lead Trainer Program.

The Lead Trainer is a health service provider that is connected to an organization who can support the
lead trainer to build and sustain a team of volunteer Facilitators. The Lead Trainer is responsible for
recruiting and training Facilitators to execute Advance Care Planning workshops in the community to the
general public.
Specific Responsibilities:
1. Attend virtual training sessions.
2. Must complete HPCO’s Advance Care Planning and Goals of Care Online E-Learning Modules.
3. Recruit, train and support Facilitators in the program.
4. Provide all necessary materials and resources to Facilitators to help execute workshops.
5. Communicate with HPCO and provide updates on number of volunteers recruited, workshops
completed, etc.
6. Seek presentation opportunities and fulfill incoming requests.
7. Collect post-presentation participants’ feedback sheets from Facilitators and report back to HPCO.
8. Other duties as required.

• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Experience public speaking
• Confident in speaking in front of groups
• Friendly and courteous disposition
• Non-judgmental
• Understands the importance of confidentiality
• Responsible and organized
• Has organizational support

• Satisfaction of helping people in need.
• Opportunity to learn and improve public speaking skills.
• Increased understanding and awareness of Advance Care Planning.
• Opportunity to engage with diverse audiences across the region.
• Access to support and resources from HPCO.

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* 1a. Are you interested in becoming a Lead Trainer?

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* 1b. Are you interested in becoming a Facilitator?

Facilitators are volunteers interested in facilitating community Advance Care Planning presentations to the general public. For example: retired nurses, retired educators, and others interested in growing Advance Care Planning conversations in the community. Must complete HPCO’s Advance Care Planning E-Learning Modules and other appropriate training sessions.