The Building Safety Fund will ensure that leaseholders are protected from the costs of remediating unsafe cladding where building owners, freeholders or managing agents responsible for the safety of a building are not meeting such costs themselves or from other sources such as warranty claims, and are applying to the fund. 

Applications to the fund should come from building owners, freeholders or a managing agent responsible for the upkeep of a block of flats. 
However, while leaseholders are not able to apply individually for the fund, we are providing this form to enable them to let us know the details of their building where they are concerned the owner of their building is not taking sufficient action to remediate unsafe cladding, or is passing remediation costs onto leaseholders.

This form therefore relates to high-rise residential buildings (defined as over 18 metres high), which are clad in unsafe non-ACM materials.
If you have any concerns as set out above you can complete a short anonymous survey, meaning that we will not ask for your name or contact information and will not follow up with you.

 We will use the information you provide to inform our ongoing engagement with all building owners who need to take action to remediate buildings over 18m with unsafe non-ACM cladding. 

 If you are a leaseholder who owns or sub-lets a flat in a high rise building, before completing the form you may wish to consider the advice on living in leasehold flats at  

This form should take around 5-10 mins to complete