* 1. What geographic region are you based in?

* 2. Company Size (based on annual revenue, expressed in US $) :

* 3. Over recent years, what steps have you taken to limit or reduce the costs of your legal department? (Please select all that apply) 

* 4. To the extent you have reduced external counsel spend, which of the following approaches have you used?

  Have not used Have used, but not effective Used selectively Used regularly and effective Considering use in future
Increased involvement of the Procurement department in negotiating fee levels
Implementation of law firm panels
Increased transparency over resources used and related fee rates
Subscription service
Fixed or flat fee
Contingent or success fee
Task or unit-based billing
Percentage fee
Retrospective fee based on value (outcome)
Hybrid fee arrangement (i.e. some blending of approach such as lower hourly rate with success-based bonus)

* 5. To the extent you have introduced new technology, please describe the nature of the technology and the role it is playing:

* 6. To the extent that you have implemented low-cost, ‘captive’ centers (i.e. resources that your organization owns) or outsourced centers (i.e. where the resources are owned by a third party), please answer the following:

  have not used have used but discontinued using now, but not entirely satisfied using now and highly satisfied
Captive center
Outsourced center

* 7. If using a captive or outsourced center now, please summarize the nature of the tasks being performed, locations  and the approximate headcount

* 8. To what extent and in what timeframe do you consider that emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and robotic process automation will disrupt existing cost structures and how / where legal work is performed?

  in next 12 months in next 36 months in next 5 years not in foreseeable future
Impact on use of outsourced centers
Impact on use of captive centers
Impact on law firms and fee structures
Impact on in-house resources

* 9. If you would like to receive a copy of the results of this survey, please enter your e-mail address here (you will not be quoted and your input will not be shared with any third party):