As Southern California's premier ambulance transportation provider, actively molding the standard of care for the future, we recognize our most important resource is our people and their commitment to service excellence. The people we select to join our team share our commitment to providing exceptional patient care and customer service. In any service industry, people shape the personality of the product. We would like to gauge the quality of the services you received from our personnel so that we may continue to build upon our reputation for providing clinical excellence and superior customer service. It is through our teamwork, integrity, trust, accountability and commitment that we differentiate ourselves from other service providers. We are very interested in your experience with LifeLine Ambulance and welcome your feedback through our automated survey system.

* 1. LifeLine Ambulance provided ambulance services from the following facility:

* 2. LifeLine Ambulance was timely in their response to my request for ambulance transportation or exceeded my expectations.

* 3. How well did the representatives at our company listen to you and accommodate your requests?

* 4. The cleanliness of the ambulance and equipment met or exceeded my expectations

* 5. The LifeLine Ambulance field providers and other personnel involved in my care were polite and courteous

* 6. The overall care you received from LifeLine Ambulance was excellent

* 7. If you were contacted by our office personnel, including our billing staff, were your questions resolved in a professional and courteous manner?

* 8. Was your experience with customer service at our company better than you expected it to be, worse than you expected it to be, or about what you expected it to be?

* 9. I would recommend LifeLine Ambulance to my family and friends