We are pausing the review of the applicants until we finalize the 2021 requirements for the program. For more information, please check back in on February 2021. 
A Master Anaplanner is defined as an advanced user of Anaplan Services who is a highly trained model builder, lives and breathes the Anaplan platform, and continues to push the boundaries as a thought leader in the Anaplan Community. Want to learn more? Check out our website to see all things Master Anaplanner. 
Applied before? Didn't meet the requirements? If you've ever applied for Master Anaplanner certification, or RSVP'd for a Master Anaplanner Hackathon, please do not continue; instead, email MasterAnaplanners@Anaplan.com to update your application. 
Please be sure to whitelist MasterAnaplanners@Anaplan.com or check your spam folder to ensure you receive a response to your application. 
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