Issue Date: March 29, 2023 

Proposal Due Date:
April 28, 2023 


The Florida Student Success Center (FSSC) is announcing a new grant opportunity for Florida College System (FCS) and State University System (SUS) faculty members to develop open master course shells that may be used for the instruction of gateway mathematics courses across the state of Florida.  
We are primarily looking to fund the development of master course shells for two new courses: MGF X130 Mathematical Thinking and MGF X131 Mathematics in Context. Proposals for new courses will be funded at $5,000. 
We will also accept proposals from applicants who are looking for funding to create master course shells for existing courses: MAC X105 College Algebra and MAC X311 Calculus I, and STA X023 Introductory Statistics I.  Proposals for existing courses will be funded at $3,000.   
Funds are intended to compensate instructor time for course development; no budget proposal is required. Priority will be given to group proposals where faculty members from more than one institution are represented, though individual proposals and group proposals with faculty from a single institution will be accepted. Grantees chosen will be required to work with a designated instructional designer selected by FSSC through a complementary RFP Mathematics Pathways Instructional Design Grants.
Submission Requirements 
The following information must be included in your proposal (should be submitted in one document):  
  • Applicant name(s), institutional affiliation(s), email address(es), phone number(s), and cv. 
    • If a group proposal, identify the lead applicant. 
  • Two (2) page maximum executive summary of applicant plan for course development, which must minimally include: 
    • Course name, number, and semester of planned first implementation. 
    • How the deliverables will be met.  
    • How feedback from instructional designers and other disciplines will be incorporated into course design. 
  • Two (2) page maximum summary of applicant qualifications, which must minimally include: 
    • The applicants’ history of developing courses and utilizing OER.  
    • The applicants’ activities pertaining to teaching improvement such as participation in teaching-related workshops and conferences.  
    • The applicants’ record of incorporating new pedagogical techniques or updating topical coverage in courses.
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