Issue Date: March 29, 2023 

Proposal Due Date:
April 28, 2023 


The Florida Student Success Center (FSSC) is announcing a new grant opportunity for Florida College System (FCS) and State University System (SUS) instructional designers to support mathematics instructors as they develop open master course shells that may be used for the instruction of gateway mathematics courses across the state of Florida. This RFP is a companion to the FSSC’s Request for Proposals #1 for Mathematics Pathways Course Development Grants issued on March 22, 2023, herein incorporated by reference.  
Instructional designers selected under RFP #2 will collaborate with faculty selected under RFP #1 to:  
  • Collaborate with subject matter experts on course content development. 
  • Create learning materials and environments for new courses and/or analyze, update, and refine learning materials and environments for existing courses. 
  • Create engaging exercises and learning activities that optimize online learning. 
  • Visualize the user interface, and create visual, audio, and interactive learning tools as appropriate. 
  • Ensure compliance with state and federal laws, statutes, and rules regarding accessibility and use of open educational resources. 
  • Design assessments to ensure students are learning. 
Submission Requirements
The following information must be included in your proposal (should be submitted in one document): 
  • Applicant name(s), institutional affiliation(s), email address(es), phone number(s) and cv.
  • Two (2) page maximum executive summary of applicant plan for instructionally designing new or existing mathematics courses, which must minimally include how the deliverables will be met in partnership with selected faculty from RFP #1.
  • Two (2) page maximum summary of applicant qualifications, which must minimally address the applicants’ record of meeting/achieving all the deliverables in current and/or previous professional roles.
  • One (1) page maximum summary of the courses the applicant would like to develop and the associated rate(s), which includes the following table.
# Courses Proposed Courses (Prefix, Number, Name, New/Existing) Total Cost to Develop Course(s)
2 courses 
MAC X105 College Algebra (Existing) 
MAC X311 Calculus I (Existing) 
1 course    
2 course    
3 course    
4 course    
5 course    

New Courses:
MGF X130 Mathematical Thinking
MGF X131 Mathematics in Context 

Existing Courses:
STA X023 Introductory Statistics I
MAC X105 College Algebra
MAC X311 Calculus I
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