The Mingle Community Development Program

Provide feedback for your chance to win a $800 Visa gift card!

The Mingle community development program has been running in Wright and Coombs for a number of years. It will continue as new residents move into the northern parts of the community.

The program is run by the Suburban Land Agency in partnership with Communties@Work and has included a range of events, activities and supported community initiatives.

Mingle is aimed at building a vibrant, strong and sustainable community.  

The survey should only take 15-20 minutes. You need to be 14 years or over to complete this survey and able to respond on behalf of your household.

By completing all survey questions, you will be eligible to enter the competition to win a $800 Visa gift card. A winner will be chosen at random and the details will be provided to the Suburban Land Agency who will contact the winner directly. You can only enter the competition once. 

This survey is being conducted by Elton Consulting on behalf of the Suburban Land Agency. 

Your feedback will be treated as strictly confidential and no individual will be identified in the survey results. You can answer the survey anonymously, however, to be eligible to enter the competition we will require your name and contact details.

For further information please see the Suburban Land Agencies privacy policy at For any general enquiries regarding the survey or evaluation process please contact the Mingle team at the Suburban Land Agency on 02 6205 0600.

To speak to someone in a language other than English, please phone the Telephone Interpreter Service on 131 450 (available seven days a week).

The survey will be open until 11.59pm on Monday 6 August 2018. An overview of survey findings will be made available to residents later this year.