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The Missouri Department of Transportation offers certified DBE firms a variety of training and business development opportunities through a statewide Supportive Services contract with Bellewether, Ltd.

If you are a certified DBE and want to take advantage of any of the following services, please complete this application. Include all the information requested. You may request as many services as you have a need or interest in and submit the form. For a description of each service, see the bottom of this application.

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I am interested in enrolling in the DBE Executive Roundtable Strategic Growth Series, which runs from January - May each year.


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I am interested in business coaching:


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If you have completed the Entrepreneurial Training in the past, you are eligible to participate in this service.

I am interested in attending these workshops. My interest includes:


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If your firm is geared in heavy highway construction, you have completed the Entrepreneurial Training Program, or you have been in business more than 7 years, you are eligible to participate in this service.

I am interested in attending these workshops. My interest includes:


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Assistance for this category is based on need and must be evaluated per request.

I have a need for technical assistance in the area(s) of:


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I am interested in a mentor/protégé relationship. My interest includes:

MARCH 26-27, 2023

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There are limited funds for this program. Reimbursement criteria must be met, and all costs may not be eligible.

If your firm is currently doing work or bidding on MoDOT projects, you may qualify for some reimbursement costs related to the following:


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Apply for the DBE Application Assistance Program. Certification workshops to answer your certification questions and better prepare your process.

I am interested in attending this workshop:

Please scroll down, past the the "Services Descriptions" section below, and click the "DONE" button to submit your enrollment application. Thank you!
For questions, please contact Bellewether Ltd.,
MoDOT’s Supportive Services Consultants
for Missouri, at (816) 554-9400.

Entrepreneurship Training Program
The MoDOT Supportive Services Entrepreneurial Training Program assists 24 DBE firm owners anticipating future success in building specific and measurable business skills.

Program training modules can include the following: Sizing Up Your Business Environment and Opportunities; Making Strategic and Financial Decisions; Strengthening the Product/Service; Seizing the Market; Leading the Organization; Managing for Growth; Charting Financial Performance; and Making it Happen.

Classes are offered via as Roundtables followed by individualized one- on-one sessions tailored to each DBE firm.

DBE Design Build Networking Events – NEW!
One of the many opportunities that DBE firms have includes working on an alternative delivery project such as Design Build; either on the professional service or construction side. Networking events are held to introduce DBEs to the project and to the short-listed bidding teams, so that all parties can share information.

Networking events may be held virtually or in person at the discretion of the MoDOT Design Build Project Director and the ECR Division.

DBE Seminars and Networking Sessions
MoDOT Supportive Services sponsors seminars for DBE firms on topics of mutual interest to DBE firms and the highway construction community. Sessions such as the annual MoDOT Triple Play offer opportunities for DBE firms to network among themselves, with MoDOT staff, transportation agency professionals and large contractors.

Networking events have been organized around major highway construction contracting or Design Build opportunities within the state.

DBE Business Coaching
MoDOT’s Supportive Services Business Coaching Program assists certified DBE firms in Missouri, in areas that will enhance their ability to work on MoDOT projects.

Typically, coaching sessions will be held virtually and may cover topics such as accounting, bidding, bonding, business law, business plans, collaboration/teaming, certified payroll, estimating, financial review, information technology, marketing, project management, safety and general business management.

DBE Workshops and Networking for Graduates
Entrepreneurship Training Program participants often hate to say goodbye after graduation. So, they can now enjoy expanded networking sessions and interactive workshops intended specifically for their level of development.

In addition to providing an opportunity for graduates to discuss potential new opportunities for collaboration as well as current challenges, these sessions also offer structured peer-to-peer problem solving and MoDOT Case Studies, under the guidance of a trained facilitator.

These sessions are for graduates of the Entrepreneurship Training program.
DBE Advanced Contractor Training
With a view toward ensuring sustainability within the roster of MoDOT certified DBE firms, MoDOT Supportive Services has developed an advanced contractor training program. These DBE firms should be geared in heavy highway construction. Typically, participating DBE firms will have either completed the MoDOT Supportive Services DBE Entrepreneurial Training Program or have been in business for seven (7) or more years.

Advanced Contractor Training components include one-on-one sessions with the participating DBE firm owners for leadership evaluation and skill set development followed by an assessment of their business operations and processes.

In-class sessions are conducted in which participants gain knowledge and skills in leadership and team building, strategic planning and implementation, project management, risk management and quality improvement.

Participants in the program will also work with a coach to improve critical areas of management for their enterprise.

DBE Technical Assistance
The MoDOT Technical Assistance program is available to enhance technical proficiency. Technical training and technical resources are being made available on a limited basis to DBE firms in critical areas of growth and development.

Assistance will be determined based on the situation and the request. Topics may include software training, bid location, website improvement, HR Planning, membership fee assistance, and bid estimating.

Mentor-Protégé Program
MoDOT’s Mentor-Protégé Program centers on the development of mutually beneficial business relationships between DBE firms and Prime contractors.
Mentoring firms help and provide training to protégé DBE firms to enhance those firms’ business and technical capabilities and achieve increased capacity.

Joint benefits include long-term relationships with a potential subcontractor or prime, developed innovative approaches and technologies, potential joint ventures, possible long-term relationships, expanded scopes and enhanced capabilities, possibility of new projects and revenues.
Annual DBE Symposium
Each year, MoDOT holds a conference for DBE’s & prime contractors to gain knowledge about the federal program, its requirements, industry updates and discussions as well as a chance for DBEs to network with peers and prime contractors alike.

The event is typically held in early spring, ahead of the construction season. The conference rotates among three areas of the state – Kansas City, Columbia, & St. Louis with the 2024 event to be held in St. Louis.

This conference will assist DBEs with networking opportunities with prime contractors and consultants. The breakout sessions may provide training in the areas of DBE certification, Commercially Useful Function (CUF), Contract Compliance, Workforce Diversity, Contract Administration, bidding, bonding/insurance, mentor protégé and other sessions focused on educating and building DBE capacity and knowledge of the DBE program.

DBE Reimbursement Program - NEW!
MoDOT will help to eliminate barriers of entry to DBEs doing work or bidding on MoDOT projects through aid relating to costs of professional membership associations, trainings & certifications, web design, audited financial statements, estimating software and accounting software.

Expenses are eligible as long as any training or membership fees are relevant to the highway construction industry and any professional services or software utilized by a firm that currently works on or is bidding MoDOT projects.

Limits and rules for each category apply and MoDOT at its sole discretion approves items for reimbursement until allocated funding is expended within the line item.

DBE Application Assistance
From across the state potential DBE applicants will be identified and assisted in becoming certified. A special emphasis exists to increase DBE availability in heavy highway construction crafts.

In addition to one-on-one application assistance, certification workshops will be held to introduce and help applicants through the process.