* 1. Are you current on your NetWare/OES (Open Enterprise Server) Maintenance agreement?

* 2. If you are currently only running NetWare in your environment, do you have plans to upgrade to OES?

* 3. If you have no plans to upgrade to OES, what are the main reasons?

* 4. If you are currently running a mix of NetWare and OES servers, how many NetWare and OES servers do you have in your environment?

  0 - 10 servers 10 - 50 servers 50 – 100 servers 100 – 250 servers 250 or more

* 5. Are the NetWare servers virutalized or running on physical hardware?

* 6. What are some of the workloads and applications running on these NetWare servers?

* 7. Are you considering moving these NetWare workloads to OES soon?

* 8. Are there any technical issues to moving these workloads to OES?

* 9. Are there any areas you would like support from Micro Focus and Novell to help you transition and migrate to OES?

* 10. Contact Information: