Board Member Guidelines

Board Members serve as ambassadors of the Department through advocacy, revenue stewardship, and community engagement in support of the mission, objectives, strategic plan, and goals.
Specific Responsibilities:

  1. It is the responsibility of the Board Member to:
  2. Read and understand the DNR Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan (PRD/2017-2022)
  3. Learn how the Department functions.
  4. Work within the policies and guidelines of the board and in accordance with the legislative acts.
  5. Regularly attend and actively participate in board meetings and committee assignments in accordance with the rules and procedures/by-laws (minimum participation of 80%).
  6. Actively contribute skills, knowledge, and experience to translate the mission into action for the organization.
  7. Demonstrate knowledge and respect for the program(s) that you serve.
  8. Accept and abide by the rules and responsibilities outlined in the legislative acts, state statutes, and regulations.
  9. Respect and listen carefully to other viewpoints and perspectives.
  10. Encourage and seek out public opinions and program support.
  11. Vote according to ones’ conviction; to challenge the judgement of others yet be willing to support and represent the majority decision of the board in a positive light.
  12. Maintain the confidential nature of board deliberations and to avoid acting as spokesperson for the board unless specifically authorized to do so.
  13. Hold fellow board members and officers accountable.
  14. Be wise, responsible, and accountable when encountering social media
  15. Make judgements on the basis of what is best for the Department as a whole and is in keeping with its mission.
  16. Recognize the importance and privilege to be a member of the board and all its responsibilities.
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