The Office for Accessibility Services (OAS) at Edinboro University welcomes all current and accepted future students to complete our Self-Disclosure of Disability and Request for Accommodations Form.  This form is the key component in the initial interactive process of determining your eligible accommodations and services through the OAS during your enrollment at Edinboro University.

It is very important that you answer every question so that we are able to determine your accommodation and service need(s).  Upon submission of this form, the Office for Accessibility Services staff will review the information and any related documentation that you may provide.

Disclosure and Documentation Checklist:

1.  Student completes the "Self-Disclosure of Disability and Request for Accommodations Form";

2.  Student submits current documentation related to their disability to
     -    Documentation can include copies of a current IEP or 504 plan from high school, and/or current testing from a professional stating your diagnosis and its effects on you academically, physically, socially, or emotionally. 
     -    Information regarding documentation can be found on the Disability Documentation webpage

3.  Student meets, in person or virtually, with an OAS staff person for an initial assessment interview after the OAS staff person has reviewed your request and documentation.

4.  The accommodation request process, generally concludes with a letter of educational accommodations that you provide to your professor(s).

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