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NYC manufacturers face particular challenges linked to operating within the largest city in the nation. Many NYC manufacturers cite that awareness and adoption of new technologies – including digital manufacturing, robotics and advanced materials – are essential to their growth and competitiveness.

As a result, the Futureworks NYC Ops21 program has been designed to help NYC manufacturers to learn about and to adopt advanced technologies.

If you are looking to implement advanced technologies in your operations or you want to learn more about advanced technologies to see how they can benefit your company, and you are NYC manufacturer operating within the five boroughs, Ops21 is designed for you.

Ops21 is a multi-faceted program, led by ITAC, that includes both awareness and more advanced technology workshops, as well as partial funding for implementation projects at manufacturers. World leading technical experts from Cornell University, NYU Tandon School of Engineering, and the Rochester Institute of Technology will lead the workshops.

It is crucial that the topics covered in our workshops are relevant and useful to NYC manufacturers. As such, we have developed this citywide survey to understand if and how NYC manufacturers are using advanced technologies in their operations. Your input will help us tailor our programming to your needs.

All respondents that fully complete this survey will receive a small token of our appreciation. 

If you have any questions about the survey or Ops21, please email us:

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