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Survey respondents who are an entrepreneur, creator or business leader receive a FREE ticket for a Roast of Your Leadership masterclass (worth 169 euro). You can choose between Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco and Berlin. More information about The Roast: http://www.awakeorigins.com/roastofyourleadership

Throughout all the trends and hypes driven by technological development, an essential paradigm shift is gradually becoming apparent. Awareness is becoming more important than ever before, especially for entrepreneurs and leaders. Awareness about themselves, their leadership, their purpose and their impact in the world. Authentically purpose-driven companies and (self-)aware leaders will become the new normal. They are already outperforming the ones that are not. 

With the 'Global Conscious Leadership Survey' Origins examines the way entrepreneurs and leaders look at themselves, their purpose, their state of being and their company.

Completing the survey will take you 10 - 15 minutes. Responses are treated confidentially and are not accessible to the individual participants, nor to any other third party whatsoever. 

Joel aan 't Goor
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