The following survey is being completed as part of a NIDRR funded (H133A080060) project aimed at identifying and evaluating current practices and methods in the conduct of minority disability research and to begin to increase capacity in this area.

The goal of the grant is to advance the state of the science in the conduct of minority disability research and to develop more persons who are passionate and interested in devoting careers to this line of research.

We do not anticipate any risks or discomforts as a result of this research. Please note that you do not have to answer any item on the survey you do not want to talk about, and you may stop your participation in the study at any time.

You may not get any direct benefit from this study, but the information we learn from people in this study may help us increase the number of persons from racial and ethnic minority backgrounds who do research and who use research findings. There are no costs for participating in this study other than the time you will spend answering our survey.

We will not collect any potentially identifiable data from you. Information from the study may be looked at or copied for research or legal purposes by the sponsor of the research, or by Virginia Commonwealth University. What we find from this study may be presented at meetings or published in papers.
You do not have to participate in this study. If you choose to participate, you may stop at any time without any penalty. You may also choose not to answer particular questions that are asked in the study. Your completion of the survey will indicate your consent to participate.

This survey seeks to examine research utilization by consumers of rehabilitation services such as you. Please take the 7 to 10 minutes necessary to complete this survey.
7% of survey complete.