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Thank you for taking the time to provide insights into what should be included in the update of planitulsa, Tulsa's comprehensive plan.

Before providing your thoughts, please read through the chapter summary on each page. These summaries come from discussions with the community, subject matter experts, and research into national best practices. These will give you information to help focus your ideas within the different plan topics.
  • If you prefer to communicate your thoughts verbally, please call 918-579-9490 and leave us a voicemail.

  • If you prefer to communicate your thoughts through e-mail, please send your input to planitulsa@incog.org.

  • You may also participate in any of the 18 online listening sessions in January or February. There is no presentation - we want to hear what you think is important and should be included in the plan. No preparation is necessary, just share your thoughts and ideas with us.
For more information about the Tulsa Planning Office and the update to planitulsa, please visit tulsaplanning.org.

You do not need to fill in every answer if you only have thoughts on certain parts of the plan. Any and all input will be used by Tulsa Planning Office staff, regardless of how much of the survey you complete.