The Kirkland Parks & Community Services Department utilizes many different ways to provide information to the community about the Recreational programs and opportunities that are available in Kirkland.

Kirkland Parks & Community Services is reviewing the methods of how information is received by the community, in order to make sure that the department continues to meet the needs of the community. The survey below will help provide important feedback to the department to use when creating future marketing materials. Your feedback to this survey will allow the department to better understand how you would prefer to receive activity information and the different ways that the department should provide this information to the community. We thank you for your time to assist us with making sure we are providing the information in the most effective way possible.

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* 1. I currently utilize the following methods to find information about Parks & Recreation Programs (check all that apply):

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* 2. In the future, I would prefer to receive information about Parks & Recreation Programs from the following sources (check all that apply):

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* 3. Please provide any additional feedback:

If you have any questions about this survey, please feel free to contact us at or (425) 587-3300