Thank you for your interest in the Restaurant Recognition Program. We are excited to support and acknowledge the work Alaska restaurants are doing to support local farms. Please provide us with accurate information as this is how we will gatherĀ data and send out notices as well as marketing materials. You must agree to the terms provided in this application and answer all questions in order to be eligible for this program. All applicants will be notified regarding their acceptance status in the program. Upon acceptance into the program, we will provide a letter of agreement that must be signed and returned before your spot is secured. (Only the first 50 eligible applicants will be accepted.)

* 1. Tell us about yourself. (This person will the be main point of contact for the program.)

* 2. Do you currently, or seasonally, purchase Alaska Grown produce for your business?

* 3. How do you purchase your Alaska Grown produce? (check all that apply)

* 4. If you purchase Alaska Grown produce from a retail supermarket or distributor, from whom do you purchase from? (check all that apply)

* 5. If you do purchase direct from a farmer/farmers market, please list the name of the farm/farmers market. (You may skip this question if you do not.)

* 6. During produce growing season, how many menu items do you use Alaska Grown produce in? (Choose only one)

* 7. If you do purchase Alaska Grown produce, how much do you estimate you currently spend on Alaska Grown produce in a week?

* 8. What types of Alaska Grown produce do you purchase? (Please list all vegetables or fruits you purchase not listed in the "other" box.)

* 9. Please check any advertising channels you currently advertise with.

* 10. If you have any social media links or website addresses you would like us to include in our advertising campaigns, please provide them here.

* 11. Please select all items you would like as marketing materials for your restaurant (this list does not include all items we will be sending).

In participating in this program you will be expected to:
  • Clearly label menu items that feature Alaskan Grown produce
  • Respond to a short mid season and final report on Alaska Grown produce purchases
  • Allow the Division to generate reports on the information you provide us
  • Allow the Division (if needed) to visit your location
  • Use your social media links and logos in advertising campaigns