Introducing the survey

There are a lot of organisations involved in keeping us safe from crime and each have their own responsibilities.  For example, the role of the Police includes investigating a crime and catching the offender.  The role of Probation is to supervise offenders. 

Crime is changing. On a day to day basis we deal with issues such as anti-social behaviour, burglary and car crime.  However, there is increasing awareness of the dangers facing some of our most vulnerable residents such as children, older people and people with specific health or learning needs

There are agencies and departments who deal specifically with certain areas of crime.  For example, in Buckinghamshire:
  • Environmental Health deals with noise nuisance
  • The Youth Offending Service works with children who are involved in the criminal justice system
  • Road Safety Teams deal with speeding and other dangerous behaviours (e.g. texting & drinking)
  • The Police employ Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) in our neighbourhoods
  • The Police and Crime Commissioner (elected) works to improve the relationship of the public with the police
  • The Drug and Alcohol team oversee substance misuse services
What all this means is that Community Safety Partnerships need to ensure they are using their resources in a way that does not duplicate or conflict with existing work.  It also encourages our partners to make best use of their skills.

Against this backdrop the Community Safety partners across Buckinghamshire are looking for your feedback on what they should give extra focus to over the next three years (April 2017-March 2020).
20% of survey complete.