The public consultation:
Part of SBP's Standards Development Process

This public consultation provides a formal opportunity for stakeholders to provide feedback on Revision Drafts v1 of Standard 3 (Requirements for Certification Bodies), Standard 4 (Chain of Custody)Standard 5 (Collection and Communication of Data) and Standard 6 (Energy Carbon Balance Calculation), including whether stakeholders consider that the Revision Drafts meet the Standards Development Process Terms of Reference.

This Feedback Platform gives you the opportunity to provide feedback on each Standard as a whole, or on specific sections. You decide which section to comment on. The SBP Secretariat will review and consider all input.

Please read the Explanatory Note (available on the following pages) before providing your comments. It gives you an overview on the background of the Standards Development Process, on its decision making, and on the intended revisions in the Standards. You can comment on the Standards-related topics of the Explanatory Note in each relevant Standard, where you find a "general feedback" box on top.

The consultation is open until 30 April 2021.

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