This Step 
The Dreamer Checklist checks that you have a great idea and a plan for how you'll put it into place. 
It will take less than 5 minutes to complete. 

Why It Is Important 
The journey gets steeper from here. You need to have decided the basics of your business idea - what you might offer, who you might offer it to and what resources (cash and time) you have to make it happen. Don't be too hard on yourself. There is no such thing as a perfect business idea. And sometimes the 'maybe' ideas can be better than the ones that are fully developed.

How It Works 
The Checklist asks four Yes/No questions that score your business readiness - whether you should spend more time dreaming or whether you are ready to start exploring. 

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The Journey 
'Dream' is the first of five stages to help you move from dreaming to launching your own business faster and easier.

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Support is available 
We exist to help micro and small businesses flourish. If you need help with using this tool or what happens next, just shout out. 

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* 1. Before we get started, let's do some introductions. Hi, we are Ignitzee.

What's your business name?
We know that coming up with your business name is the hardest part. If you aren't ready just yet to share your name with the world, just pop your name here. It means that our boffins will be able to find your information to help you in the future.

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* 2. What's your email address? 
We promise we won't spam you too often. 

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