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Introduction and Demographics

Flotation Energy is a specialist offshore wind developer with global experience in project delivery with projects in the UK, Ireland, Taiwan, Japan, and Australia and their team was part of building Kincardine, the world’s biggest operational floating offshore wind farm off Aberdeen, Scotland. 
We have commissioned Umwelt Environmental and Social Consultants to conduct a Social and Economic Impact Assessment (SEIA) of the Seadragon Offshore Wind Project. This survey will support that assessment.

Introducing the Seadragon Project
Harnessing the abundance of natural wind off the Gippsland coast, the Seadragon project is a 1.5GW offshore wind project that has the potential to power the equivalent of 1 million households with sustainable and affordable energy.

The project is in the early stages of project scoping and is subject to strict Commonwealth and State assessment and approvals.  Typically, large scale infrastructure projects such as this take 6-10 years to plan and construct. Subject to achieving approvals during the project development phase, we estimate our project will commence construction in 2028 and be operational from 2030 onwards.

Key components of the Project include:
  • Offshore wind assets consisting of up to 150 Wind Turbine Generators and a network of buried and/or mechanically protected subsea inter-array cables 
  • Four off-shore Substation Platforms 
  • Onshore transmission cables
  • Up to two onshore substations
  • A connection to an existing, upgraded or new onshore terminal station.
  • A shore crossing connecting the offshore export cables to the onshore cables.  
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Flotation Energy are committed to working together with government, communities and industry to develop the Seadragon Project and bring to life new jobs, skills, investment and other benefits to Gippsland, Victoria and Australia.

We want to play our part in helping Gippsland to build a new offshore wind industry and supply chain – securing Gippsland’s future as the leader of renewable power generation in Victoria for many years to come.   Key supply chain opportunities may relate to:
    • Development: Survey companies, engineering design services, environmental services
    • Floating Foundation Substructure: steel manufacturing, substructure fabrication, suitable fabrication facilities, Secondary Steel
    • Anchors: Drag embedded, suction anchors, piled/drilled
    • Mooring lines – wind turbine: chain, synthetic, blade manufacture
    • Wind turbine: Tower Manufacture, Nacelle manufacture, gearing manufacture
    • Electrical infrastructure:  Onshore Electrical Infrastructure (including substation and associated infrastructure), inter-array cable, export cable, offshore substation
    • Ports: WTG assembly, turbine assembly, installation staging
    • Vessels: upgrades, heavy life vessel, anchor handling tug supply, Cable laying vessels, Semi-submersible barge, tugboats, construction support vessel, crane vessel, service operation vessel, crew transfer vessel
    • O & M: vessel maintenance, offshore activities, onshore activities
    • Facilities: warehouse construction, manufacturing facility construction, O&M Facility construction, port facilities
    • Research & Development: technology development, infrastructure development, marine/subsea foundation development
    • Services: front end engineering design, marine-based services, project management services, project support services, workplace, health and safety 

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