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Introduction and Demographics

Flotation Energy is a specialist offshore wind developer with global experience in project delivery with projects in the UK, Ireland, Taiwan, Japan, and Australia. Our team was part of building Kincardine, the world’s biggest operational floating offshore wind farm off Aberdeen, Scotland.

We have commissioned Umwelt Environmental and Social Consultants to conduct a Social and Economic Impact Assessment (SEIA) of the Seadragon Offshore Wind Project. This survey will support that assessment.

Introducing the Seadragon Project

Harnessing the abundance of natural wind off the Gippsland coast, the Seadragon project is a 1.5GW offshore wind project that has the potential to power the equivalent of 1 million households with sustainable and affordable energy.

Backed by the expertise and experience of Flotation Energy, our project is in the early stages of project scoping and is subject to strict Commonwealth and State assessment and approvals. Typically, large scale infrastructure projects such as this take 6-10 years to plan and construct. Subject to achieving approvals during the project development phase, we estimate our project will commence construction in 2028 and be operational from 2030 onwards.

Key components of the Project include:
  • Offshore wind assets consisting of up to 150 Wind Turbine Generators and a network of buried and/or mechanically protected subsea inter-array cables
  • Four off-shore Substation Platforms installed on new supporting structures and/or existing infrastructure
  • Onshore transmission cables will be installed to connect from the shore crossing location to the onshore project substation(s). Additionally onshore transmission cables will connect the onshore substation(s) to the onshore terminal station connection. Several nominal corridors are currently being considers.
  • Up to two onshore substations, incorporating switching gear and reactive power where required will be installed each with a nominal footprint of 6 hectares. Additional jointing pits may be required depending on the proximity of the onshore substation to the shore crossing.
  • A connection to an existing, upgraded or new onshore terminal station. The terminal station is expected to be connected to existing infrastructure at Loy Yang, or Hazlewood or to a new terminal station within the Gippsland Renewable Energy Zone (G-REZ) at Giffard, within the survey area.
  • A shore crossing connecting the offshore export cables to the onshore cables.
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Flotation Energy are committed to working together with government, communities and industry to develop the Seadragon Project and bring to life new jobs, skills, investment and other benefits to Gippsland, Victoria and Australia.

Seeking feedback from the local community and stakeholders, and answering any questions about the project is important to us. This feedback helps to inform our project design and construction considerations, and the development of environmental, cultural heritage, social and economic impact assessments.

Throughout the assessment process, Flotation Energy will be providing multiple opportunities and ways to provide feedback on the Project. We invite you to participate in this short survey to provide us with your feedback. It is estimated to take approximately 15 minutes of your time.

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