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The Business Plan Checklist checks that you have considered all aspects of planning your business. This stuff is usually written down in your Business Plan or Fast Start Workbook. 

It will take less than 10 minutes to complete. 

Why It is Important 
Your Business Plan brings together all of your deep thinking, research and hard work so far. A great plan helps you attract funding; shows what's important for launch; gives you greater control over what happens next and focus on your goals. 

How It Works 
The Checklist asks 21 Yes/No questions that confirm that you are ready to move to formally launching your business. It then gives you a score of how ready you are to progress to the next stage, Debut. 

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The Journey 
'Focus' is fourth of five stages to help you move from dreaming to launching your own business faster and easier. 

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Support is available 
We exist to help micro and small businesses flourish. If you need help with using this tool or what happens next, just shout out.

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