I. Introduction and Instructions

We would like to learn from leaders in the business, investment, non-profit, and academic sectors about the evolving nature of ethics and how unethical behavior by one organization may impact others. We will share preliminary results of the research and on-going learning with you. As an important leader in our society, your answers are highly valued and appreciated.

In Part I, you will be asked to anonymously answer several questions (5-10 minutes). Most of the questions are short and involve your selecting from a list of answer choices, while a few particularly important questions are open-ended so that you can comment on nuances related to these topics. All of your responses in relation to Part I will be kept strictly confidential and reported in a way to maintain anonymity. In order to further ensure this, Part I will not request any identifiable information from you.

In Part II, you will have an opportunity to publicly showcase your organization on the website of Susan Liautaud & Associates Limited with a publishable quote on ethics. After you submit your answers to Part I, you will have the opportunity to proceed to Part II. Part II only asks you: "Why do you believe ethics is an important consideration for non-profit and/or for-profit organization success?" Your response will appear as a quote, credited with your name and/or organization, on the website for Susan Liautaud & Associates Limited as part of an on-going exchange and profiling of the views of leaders.

In order to ensure anonymity of Part I, your answers from Part I and Part II will not be linked in any way. Furthermore, note that you may choose to provide answers to only Part I, only Part II or both.

As a note, compliance with law (and organizational policies, implementation, and enforcement requiring compliance with law) is assumed. Therefore, there is no need to address this except when the law poses a particular ethical dilemma (e.g. whistleblowers required in the US are outlawed in France, or bribery that is allowed or tolerated in another country is illegal in the US).

Please use ethicsresearch2012@gmail.comfor all correspondence. Thank you again for your time.
Now, please click on "Next" to continue to begin Part I. Recall that you will be given the opportunity to complete Part II at the end of Part I.
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