Thank you for taking the time to help us improve the SickKids online experience. We’re dedicated to this journey and we need your help to make the future the best it can be. Please let us know where we should email your invite to the SickKids Online Community.
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Once you submit, within 48-72 hours, you will receive an invitation from with a link to complete your Online Community profile. Please note, you will never be marketed to and all survey participation is confidential. SickKids has partnered with Cossette Health,, a design and communications firm specializing in the healthcare industry to help facilitate the redesign. You may withdraw from the Online Community at any point in time.
What is the Online Community?

It is a panel made up of SickKids stakeholders, such as yourself, who are invited to provide confidential feedback on everything from the features and functions of the new site, right through to options for the new site design.

Why should I join?
  1. Your feedback will help guide what the site will do and how it will look.
  2. Registered members will get at least one survey invite.
In order to ensure your privacy and your intent to register for the Online Community, we ask that you provide some basic information.