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Thank you for your interest in our 2023 Napier City Council Representation Review.

Local authorities are required by the Local Electoral Act 2001 to take a fresh look at their representation arrangements at least once every six years. This is to ensure a local authority is structured to best serve the interests and needs of its community. 

For Napier, this means we need to consider: 
  • How many elected members should be on council? 
  • We currently have wards - should we keep them? If so, how many should our city have, what should their boundaries be, and what should they be named? 
  • Should we do away with wards and have at large councillors only? 
  • Should we have a mix of both ward councillors and at large councillors? 
  • Do we need community boards? 
Your views are important to help provide fair and effective representation for individuals and communities.

The survey takes 8-10 minutes. SIL Research conducts this survey on behalf of the Napier City Council. SIL Research is an independent Napier based Market Research company and, as a member of the Research Association of New Zealand, strictly adheres to defined market research practices to preserve anonymity and confidentiality of the information you provide.

If you would like to contact someone regarding this survey, please contact Nataliya Rik on 06 834 1996 or email nataliya.rik@silresearch.co.nz.

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