Your opinion really matters to us and helps us improve our services to Silver Travellers.  We'd be delighted if you would take a few moments to complete in our short travel survey. You could win £50 of M&S vouchers, as well as a one of 6 Silver Travel goody bags, filled with lovely gifts!

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* 1. Have your holiday plans for the next 12 months been influenced by any of the following?  Tick as many boxes as apply to you.

* 2. Thinking about your holiday plans for the next 12 months (a holiday being a stay away from home of 3 or more nights), how may holidays are you planning to take?

* 3. Does this represent more or fewer holidays compared to the last 12 months?

* 4. Thinking about your holiday plans for the next 12 months, are you likely to:

* 5. How far in advance do you generally book your holidays?

* 6. What kind of holiday do you most enjoy? Tick up to three preferences.

* 7. When thinking about your next holiday, where do you normally look for inspiration? Tick as many boxes as are relevant to you.

* 8. What motivates you when choosing a travel company to book with? Tick as many boxes as are relevant to you.

* 9. How do you usually book your holidays?

* 10. Would having any of the following activity options would positively influence your decision to book a holiday? Tick as many boxes as are relevant to you.

* 11. Do you think travel companies are making adequate provision for single people?

* 12. …and are travel companies making adequate provision for people needing accessible facilities?

* 13. How much do you typically spend  per person on your own holiday(s) in total per year?  

* 14. Who do you usually go on holiday with?

* 15. Do you think the media are exaggerating the wealth of pensioners these days?

* 16. Do you think the world will be a better or worse place to travel/holiday in, in 10 years’ time?

* 17. What would you choose to do for your holiday of a lifetime if money were no object?

* 18. If you could book a flight to the moon (money no object), would you go?

* 19. And finally... which age group are you currently in?

* 20. Are you:

* 21. Are you:

* 22. What is your employment status?